Online venture capital

We source the world’s best startups

Our venture team sources early stage investment opportunities through direct relationships, referrals from our investor members and founders, as well as connections to top startup incubators including Y Combinator, top seed stage VC firms such as First Round Capital, and top superangels. We first invest at the Seed and Series A stage, and seek to follow on in later rounds.

Member Referrals

The FundersClub community and extended network gives us access to a wide range of opportunities.

Data Driven Decisions

We use software to scale our deal scout network & make data driven decisions.

We vet startups through a rigorous process

After an initial review with one of our venture partners, we carefully evaluate the product, team, market, competition, traction, and other parameters before our Investment Committee decides whether to move forward. A selected panel of 270+ experienced startup professional further gives feedback on each startup. This third-party opinion provides an additional data point to determine whether the company has what it takes to be a VC-funded company.

Internal Investment Committee

Our investment committee conducts due diligence to ensure the startup meets our requirements.

Panel Review

270+ hand-picked members of our community provide feedback before we make an investment decision.

We fund less than 2% of the startups we review

We make less than 2% of the startups we review available for funding on our platform. We are proud to be able to offer these opportunities, typically reserved to a select few, to our accredited investor members. FundersClub investor members securely invest alongside institutional VCs in major fundraising rounds in just a few clicks.

Efficiency via Software

Our platform makes it easy to invest, track returns, and follow company progress.

Strong Investor Community

Our 36,000 members can quickly mobilize to invest an average $250k in our initial investments.

We support our startups to help them thrive

Our role goes far beyond providing financial resources to the founders we pick. We actively support our portfolio companies and give them access to leading software and community that help them get an edge during their journey. By helping our founders build their team, close customers, get advice, raise their next round, and more, we help them be successful and ultimately drive our returns up.

Hands-on Support

Our venture team rolls up their sleeves and is always ready to provide hands-on help.

Founder Products

We provide bots, apps, and content to help startup founders do more with less during their journey.