Are you a founder?

At FundersClub, we work to discover, fund and support the world's most promising startups. We invest in top startup founders and arm them with the support they need to shake the world.
Believing in you from the beginning
Invested in Seed and Series D
$650M raised in follow-on capital
Invested in Seed, Series A, and Series D
$205M raised in follow-on capital
Invested in Seed, Series A, and Series B
$204M raised in follow-on capital
Invested in Seed, Series B, and Series D
>$400M raised in follow-on capital
We invest in disruptive startups and their visionary founders. See our portfolio
What sets us apart from traditional VC?
Average investment
$6+ Billion
Follow-on capital
Average investment
Average investment
Network members
Average investment
Average initial check

We leverage software and a powerful, global network to provide you with an unfair advantage on your startup journey.

As a company of startup founders and VCs plugged into Silicon Valley, we use our experience and our online and offline networks to support you through your startup journey.

We have experience building and launching product, acquiring customers, and driving business growth at companies like Google, Box, and Sendgrid. We’ve helped startups in our portfolio raise over $6B follow-on capital from other top VCs.

We work hand-in-hand with the founders at our portfolio companies to build the most promising startups worldwide

How we set you up for success:
Founder Community
If you are facing a challenge, odds are another founder within our portfolio knows how to navigate it. We bring our powerful community of over 810+ founders together both online and at in-person events.
Investor Network
Expand your rolodex with 36,000+ angel investors, 79% of whom are C-level executives, directors, managers, and business owners in a position to help with advice and connections.
FundersClub Team
The FundersClub team includes startup veterans who have launched, grown, funded, and exited their own startups. We are readily available to guide our founders with hands-on mentorship.
FundersClub Resources
We have invested in portfolio resources including discounts from vetted vendors (e.g. $100k free AWS credit), and press amplification across our social channels and weekly newsletter to 30k+ individuals in tech.
Don't just take our word for it. See what our founders have to say.
"FundersClub is not just an investor, they've been a great partner for us. We've been able to tap into the FundersClub network to meet other startup teams who are facing similar problems, and connect with many potential hires. FundersClub is a startup itself, meaning that Alex and Boris are able to better understand what founders are going through, making them truly founder-friendly"
Laura Behrens Wu
Laura Behrens Wu
Founder and CEO, Shippo
"The FundersClub team has been an incredible resource. They connected us with top-tier sales prospects including a world-class hedge fund which has become one of our best customers."
Mike Babineu
Mike Babineu
Co-founder and CEO, SecondMeasure
"FundersClub has been one of our most helpful investors. They'll go to bat for you like no other and I tell anyone who can get their money to take it."
Gautam Sivakumar
Gautam Sivakumar
Founder and CEO, Medisas
"FundersClub has added a lot of value to Wheelys besides money. They are loyal, networked and helpful in so many things, big and small, that it would take some time to explain. If FundersClub were human, we'd consider marrying them."
Tomas Mazetti
Tomas Mazetti
Co-founder, Wheelys Cafe International