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Step 1

Sign up for FundersClub

Sign up with your name and email or via your social accounts. In compliance with SEC regulations, you will need to verify that you are an accredited investor in order to invest on our platform. After you join, you will have the opportunity to get on a phone call with one of our team members who will get to know you and answer any of your questions.

Step 2

Access proprietary deal flow

Companies available for investment on FundersClub go through a thorough due diligence process led by our Investment Committee, and are reviewed by a select panel of 270+ FundersClub members with deep startup experience. Less than 2% of the companies we evaluate qualify for investment from us.

Step 3

Easily diversify your portfolio

On FundersClub, you can invest in select, vetted companies through a single-company funds or spread an investment across several companies through multi-company funds. Multi-company funds typically invest within a particular technology sector or a top startup accelerator batch such as Y Combinator or 500 Startups. Each year FundersClub members get access to dozens of companies.

Step 4

Complete your due diligence

Each fund profile gives information to help you complete your own due diligence on startup investment opportunities: the product, the business model, the founding team, market, traction, competition, etc. You should carefully consider if each investment is right for you. FundersClub does not provide specific investment advice or recommendations on the startup investments opportunities.

Step 5

Invest with a few clicks

On FundersClub, you can invest directly online as an individual, or through an IRA, trust, or other entity, such as your own investment firm. You can send a payment online or pay via check or wire and sign the required documents online. Our investment process is quick, easy, and painless.

Step 6

Track the value of your investment and get distributions

Startup investments typically take a long time to mature, but that doesn’t mean you need to be left in the dark about their value. Our My Investments dashboard helps you keep track of the estimated value of all your investments in one page and is updated quarterly.

Step 7

Support your startups

After you invest on FundersClub, you will receive company updates and news. You will also have the opportunity to further support the companies you have invested in by sharing relevant industry expertise, help with hiring, and introducing founders to any of your contacts who may be helpful to them as they grow their companies.