Refer a Top Startup to FundersClub

  • 1
    You refer a company
    Be the first to refer a startup that matches our investment criteria.
  • 2
    We review the company
    Follow the status of your referral as we conduct due diligence.
  • 3
    You invest and receive carry
    Get 10% of our carry if you invest and the company gets funded. †
Only FundersClub members who have invested can refer a company

† Summary of Rules

  1. Only members of FundersClub can refer companies to FundersClub.
  2. Members who refer a company to FundersClub will receive an amount of carried interest from the fund corresponding to 10% of the carried interest distributed to FundersClub from the fund and paid as an ordinary income bonus to the referring Member if all of the following occur:
    1. The member invests at least the minimum fund amount via FundersClub.
    2. The fund successfully 1) closes and 2) invests in target company.
  3. Companies that are referred to FundersClub are put through the same process as any other company.
  4. If multiple members refer the same company, we take the first referral that was offered for that company, assuming it satisfied all other rules.
  5. Companies/founders of companies have not been in previous contact with FundersClub.
  6. Member making referral to a company must have a pre-existing relationship with the CEO or other person in charge of fund-raising at the company.
  7. The sharing of carry is limited to the initial fund and does not apply to any subsequent funds that might be formed to fund the target such as funds for subsequent rounds.
  8. The payout of the carried interest bonus, if any, only occurs after the final liquidation of the fund and if carried interest is paid to FundersClub by the fund pursuant to the terms of the applicable fund agreement.
  9. The sharing of carried interest only applies if FundersClub decides to create a single-investment fund for the company, and does not apply if FundersClub decides to invest in the company from one of its multi-asset funds. It is solely in FundersClub's discretion whether to create the single-investment fund or invest via a multi-asset fund.
  10. The referring Member will need to enter into a separate written agreement in order for this to be effective.