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“Over the past four years, FundersClub, an online venture capital firm, has invested in 217 companies. It has had 19 exits. Today the company published a quarterly breakdown of its returns in an effort to bring more transparency to venture capital performance, a historically un-transparent area.”
Online Venture Capital Firm Makes Returns Public
“Network effects in venture capital are no joke...Alex Mittal, CEO of FundersClub, has spent a lot of time thinking about how his growing online democratized community of 18,000 investors could leverage its size to offer even better access to industry movers and shakers than the traditional shops of Sand Hill Road.”
Online VC FundersClub launches Network Search to better connect its 18,000 members
“Software is eating the world; FundersClub is eating venture capital.”
This company is trying to reinvent venture capital for the millennial era
“Venture was disrupted 10 years ago, and it’s happening again. These four entrepreneurs have shown repeatedly that they can deliver value for investors, founders and the world at large....Mittal’s FundersClub, founded in 2012, isn’t to be confused with AngelList or other equity crowdfunding platforms, instead functioning as an online venture capital firm...”
4 Entrepreneurs Changing Venture Capital for the Better
“Using software to pick the humans who are best at picking startups certainly seems like a baby step toward automating the investment process. By analogy, think about how Google’s algorithm started out using signals from humans—how often Web pages linked to one another—to pick the most relevant pages and has since become more automated.”
Software Is Disrupting Venture-Capital Sector
“An online platform that allows accredited investors to get in on fast-growing startups”
Startup Investing Could Get A Lot More Angels
“FundersClub tops a recent ranking of venture firms with the most momentum (based on predictions) by the research organization Mattermark.”
FundersClub fills void for start-up investors
“The startups are all pre-screened by the FundersClub Investment Committee to make sure that investors don't waste their time filtering through the noise.”
Alex Mittal on building an online venture capital firm
“Increased efficiency and transparency in the venture capital industry will result in greater accountability”
FundersClub's Alex Mittal: the web will make venture capital more transparent
“Don’t call it Kickstarter, because on FundersClub you get real equity for your investments in hot startups”
Inside FundersClub, The Equity Crowdfunding Platform Destined To Redefine Venture Capital
“While crowdfunding doesn't yet allow the 99 percent to invest in companies directly-- Kickstarter and Indiegogo supporters typically only contribute or buy a future product--FundersClub is prying open the door to allow more people into the VC game.”
Online VC Service Lets More Investors into the Game
“The [SEC no-action] letter is a green light for FundersClub and validation that its investment model is legal. The news is significant for the venture capital and finance industries…”
SEC recognizes FundersClub as first-ever online VC
“Put simply, FundersClub could utterly disrupt venture capital, democratize investment in private companies, and ensure any founder has easy access to enough funding to pursue a great idea.”
FundersClub Wants To Bypass VC And Let YOU Invest In Startups
“FundersClub democratized angel investing with its equity crowdfunding marketplace.”
FundersClub's New "Partnerships" Let You Start A Venture Capital Fund Or Invest In One